Sickness Insurance (loss of wages) (ZV)

The objective of this insurance is that employees with an income under the maximum wage limit are insured for the costs of medical care and loss of income as a consequence of sickness. Formation of a fund takes place by means of payment of premiums by the employer (1.9% of the wage of the employee). Certain groups of employees, for example government officials and temporary workers, are excluded from this insurance.

1. When are you insured?

When you work for an employer or carry out contract work and your wages do not exceed the wage limit.

2. What should you do when you are ill?

Ask your employer for an illness report card (yellow card). Take the illness report card, together with your identification to your doctor.

3. What happens if you are declared unfit for work?

The doctor declaring you unfit for work should state on the yellow card as of what date you are unfit for work. If the condition continues for more than two days, you should consult the SVB examining doctor on the third day, during the consultation hours.

4. Unfitness for work after the first two days is determined by the SVB examining doctor.

If you do not report to the SVB examining doctor, you will not be entitled to the sickness insurance benefit. If you do not show up at your work on the day that you have been declared fit for work you will have to go to the SVB control doctor on the same day.

5. What should you always remember when you go to the SVB examining doctor?

To take your illness report card or accident report card with you.

6. What are your rights when you are ill?

You are entitled to sickness insurance benefits, if you comply with the regulations.

7. When are you unfit for work?

When, due to illness, you are unable to work during a 24-hour period or longer. When you are temporarily unable to work because of a necessary medical examination; When you are not allowed to go to work in order to prevent the infection of others.

8. From whom do you receive your sickness insurance benefit when you are unfit for work?

During your employment your employer must pay you the sickness insurance benefit on the day that you normally receive your wages.

9. As of what day are you entitled to sick pay?

For the day on which the illness is reported and the two subsequent days the sickness insurance pay is also paid, if, in the judgment of the medical attendant, the illness makes admission to a hospital necessary. If, as of the third day after the illness is reported, you are unfit for work as a result of sickness. The sickness benefit is also paid if, due to the same cause, the illness lasts for more than three days (also when admission to a hospital is not necessary). In the case of pregnancy the employee is entitled to sickness insurance benefit during the 7 weeks preceding the expected date of delivery and 7 weeks following delivery (maternity leave).

10. What is the amount of sickness insurance benefit?

The percentage of loss of wages is 80% of the daily wages, irrespective of the breadwinner’s position, civil status and stay in hospital.

11. What should you do to receive your sickness insurance benefit?

You should have the SVB administration endorse the period of unfitness for work on the back of your control card.