SVB Healthcare Portal

Objective and set-up of the SVB Healthcare Portal

The SVB Healthcare Portal is a secured website on the internet where healthcare institutions and professionals can safely exchange data with the SVB and that also enables healthcare professionals obtain information on the administrations executed / services provided.

Via the SVB Healthcare Portal, the healthcare provider can: 

  • Consult basic data of the insured, including the validity of the segurocard;
  • Consult referrals that have been submitted /processed;
  • Consult submitted and assessed authorization requests;
  • Introduce new referrals and/or authorization requests;
  • Enter medical declarations or upload them as an electronic file.

In addition, the SVB Healthcare Portal also offers the possibility to send the treatment plan as an electronic document to the SVB in the event of a submitted authorization request. Furthermore, various surveys can be produced of data supplied/processed with the help of the Healthcare Portal and the progress of the processing procedure at the SVB can be followed. Questions and notifications can be submitted via a built-in (electronic) messaging system directly to our service desk.

The SVB Healthcare Portal is a Microsoft Silverlight based web application which can be called up in two ways:

  • As a web application in a browser (IE, Chrome, etc.)
  • As a desktop application, in which case a call-up program is installed on the user’s machine (PC, laptop or tablet). After the installation, the call-up program appears in the Windows  program menu and can, subsequently, always be called up from there.

Both the web and the desktop version of the Healthcare Portal work only in a Windows environment version 7 or higher. Submitting declaration files and/or other documents can take place only via the desktop version of the SVB Healthcare Portal.

Activating and using the SVB Healthcare Portal

Insofar as Microsoft Silverlight has not yet been installed on your machine, the first call-up of the SVB Healthcare Portal Microsoft Silverlight will be automatically installed and you must enter your SVB e-mail account and password via the log-in screen in order to, subsequently, activate your account. Activating your account implies:

  • Going through the conditions for using the Healthcare Portal;
  • Registering the employees who will make use of the Healthcare Portal with rights provided;
  • Sending the declaration document to the SVB for the activation of your account and the users and rights attached to it.

Short demo of the activation process of an account at the SVB Portal

If you have any questions concerning the Healthcare Portal, you can always call our service/support desk at telephone number 434 4318 or 434 4339

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