Purpose and set-up SVB Healthcare Portal

The SVB Healthcare Portal is the successor of the current SVB Zorgportaal and as of Monday 28 August 2023, it will be accessible for use for all healthcare providers that already have an account on the current SVB Zorgportaal. The current SVB Zorgportaal will not be accessible for use anymore as of Saturday 26 August 2023 at 7PM.

The SVB Healthcare Portal is a secured website where healthcare institutions and professionals can safely exchange data with the SVB and that enables healthcare professionals to obtain information on the administrations executed / services provided by SVB.

Via the SVB Healthcare Portal, the healthcare provider can:

  • Consult basic data of the insured, including the validity of the segurocard;
  • Consult referrals that have been submitted /processed;
  • Consult submitted and assessed authorization requests;
  • Create new referrals and/or authorization requests;
  • Create medical declarations or upload them as an electronic file;
  • Create and manage account users.

In addition, the SVB Healthcare Portal also offers the possibility to send the treatment plan as an electronic document to the SVB in the event of a submitted authorization request. Furthermore, various overviews can be produced of the supplied/processed data and the progress of the processing at the SVB can be monitored with the help of the SVB Healthcare Portal. Questions and notifications can be submitted via a built-in (electronic) messaging system (email) directly to our service desk.

Link SVB Healthcare Portal

Starting Monday august 28th 2023, the SVB Healthcare Portal can be accessed at the following link:

SVB Healthcare Portal

How to use SVB Healthcare Portal
You can log in to the SVB Healthcare Portal by filling in your existing username and existing password in the login screen. It is the same username and password that you are using right now to log in to the current Zorgportaal.

E-learning SVB Healthcare Portal

The various functionalities of the SVB Healthcare Portal are explained in the following instructional videos:


Manage account users






If you have any questions concerning the SVB Healthcare Portal, you can always contact our service/support desk at zorghelpdesk@svbcur.org or call at telephone number 4344318 and 4344339.